Free WiFi?

Air WiFi use WiFi everywhere we go and notice things some people may not. For instance while on public free WiFi in cities, on buses, trains, shopping centers we experience poor services. Sometimes with Free WiFi you can get to the sign up form, enter your details and no further. The device may connect to the Free WiFi network and the service may be slow no internet connection exist. This experience can become frustrating to say the least. Most will think and blame the WiFi yet this may not be the case. Marketing is a big player in everyday life and your email details are very important to marketers. So if you input your email you have given something for a little access providing you can connect.

Free WiFi

Have you ever wondered why:

You are in the company of someone you seldom see and next day they pop up on Facebook as a suggested friend? You look for something to buy on the internet. Suddenly every time you open a browser, Facebook etc. pages are plastered with advertisements. Strangely for the product you had been searching for. You can also receive emails from somewhere or someone you never gave your email too.

Well this is marketing at its best. Most Free WiFi disclaimers (T&C) on forms will allow your details to be passed on, sold etc. and this is why you get this stuff.

Some things are not coincidental, they are focused advertisements directly related to your previous searches. Big Brother is watching or you have sold your sole for a few megabits of data.

There is no Free WiFi as monetizing WiFi is big business and if you want a quality fast service in anything you have to pay.

Our Free WiFi Experiences

Today I am travelling on a bus to the country. I use the bus services and turn the bus into my office. On signing up to the FREE WIFI I accept the T&C’s without reading them. I was asked for my name, email address, age group, purpose of journey and offered to leave feedback before I can access the FREE WiFi. From this information I can be targeted and messages can be personalised. My email may be sold on. I may receive messages from some strange businesses and lots more. By the way I did opt out of the company offering the service contacting me. I finally get connected to discover that the service on the bus is given by a provider and a bank is sponsoring the service.

Order of engagement.

I discovered that the service was sponsored because a popup keeps coming up on the screen which is really annoying. At first I was unable to see what the pop up was about as the internet connection on the bus was poor. This kind of advertising can be handled in a better way whereas if the user opts out a plug-in on the providers’ site stops that pop up for a given period of time. What I took out of this experience was that I will not buy off the company advertising as they are driving me mad. If you take into account that I was asked to leave feedback prior to my experience, you have to ask if the provider wants appreciation for the free service or a true reflection, in your opinion of the service provided.

On this journey I had difficulty downloading and updating the website. I was unable to complete this blog and switched to using word to write this. When I wanted to carry out some tasks I switched to my GSM connection in the laptop and completed these tasks. In all the Free WiFi service I received got more information out of me than I got value form the Free WiFi.

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