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Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi on a sunny day, keeps the kids out, from under your feet, at play.

You know when the internet connection goes down.

NO YOU DON'T. Chances are the kids will tell you the "WiFi is not working". Their life revolves around it. So does yours, a bit. What happens when you try to go away for a few days (hours)? The kids need to be occupied.

Everyone's needs are different, just like the homes we live in, places we work, the hobbies we have and the past times we enjoy. Your life, hobbies, and profession reflect your knowledge in a particular, or several different areas of life. When someone needs to know about your specialized subjects, they come to you.

Mobile WiFi, The Boring Stuff.

Now, some occupations are, let us just say boring. We understand the boring things about WiFi, radio frequencies and the different environments WiFi is used in. We don't just turn it off and back on to get it to work. When your house, office or field is too large for the WiFi radio to cover, you need to make adjustments.

Picture this, you are watching TV in the sitting room and you go upstairs to the bedroom, can you see or hear the TV? The signals that you receive in the sitting room are different to the signals in the bedroom, its not Mobile TV. To have mobile WiFi you need to improve the signal in the weakest areas. While also making sure there is not too much signal that will interfere. We understand how WiFi works and will make it work for you.

Apartment Buildings.

Supporting the internet needs of hundreds of student daily might sound tough. Air WiFi are providing 24-hour support to student accommodation across Ireland. Many students, non-English speaking from all over the world. A million devices, 983,675Gb streamed, downloaded and our support operated 24/7 for our valued clients and their residents. We always request feedback, but nobody has complained yet! We configure the entire building.

Unlike houses, apartment building has many WiFi routers in close proximity. Interference, hundreds of user devices can require support from time to time. Please visit our Property Page.

Holiday Parks.

When you go out or travel do you look for WiFi? Traveling together as a family, are you asked to turn on the hotspot in your phone. Booking a holiday, location and accommodation, is WiFi availability close to the top of the list? In Ireland, we offer services in Holiday Parks. You will receive mobile WiFi throughout the park. Park owners, can provide the service and generate income to fund the cost of the service. Holiday park life is about getting away, but we like to stay connected. You don't need every kid hanging around your mobile home because you got internet. We can only offer this service through the park owners directly. Owner or resident, would you like know more? Visit our Holiday Park Page.

Internet Connections.

This is the vital link for your WiFi networks ability to take the information and send or receive from A to B. Your home WiFi router was provided by the service provider and also connects you to the internet. One internet connection is sufficient for one home, as you scale up the user volumes (Number of homes/devices), the internet connection quality should also be improved. There are so many steps during the transfer of information that the quality of each step matters. Direct connection to a data center ensures only Air WiFi traffic uses our servers. We also ensure you have sufficient bandwidth, we can reduce bandwidth during low usage periods and give additional during busy ones. Visit our Contact Us Page.

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