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Marina WiFi, Internet, BroadbandMarina WiFi enables people traveling today to update friends and family of their whereabouts. Whether via social media or chat apps it can benefit your marina. Today  people also backup their photos while traveling. What are the chances of you dropping a device into the sea while sailing and more so when moored. With marina WiFi your visitors can connect and backup all their information from their vessel. More and more people are expecting the service when they arrive. Did you know most locations blocking uploading or backing up large volume of files. Marina WiFi is better compared to mobile data and WiFi is cheaper and much easier to use. Visitors can log on to their social media accounts and check-in to your marina's Facebook account via the marina WiFi.

Your visitor could arrive and within seconds connect, login or pay without any assistance from anybody. Having travailed along the coast of Ireland I always have connectivity to data yet most of my apps are set to not communicate while on data and to only update over WiFi. Marina WiFi enables and guarantees cheap method of securing my photos and other notes that I record on my journeys. Late night sails and arriving into harbors and marinas means that there is nobody around to assist. With WiFi available I can send a message to loved ones to let them know I am on dry land again. I can then sleep without disturbance knowing files are backed up and messages are arriving on my apps. This service is provided at most marinas today and some charge a small fee to cover the overheads. It makes good sense to provide services people use daily.

Marina WiFi can create.

  • Additional source of income.
  • Services attract visitors.
  • Enable easy communication while traveling.


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