Connecting Two Building In Different Locations Is It Possible?

Connecting Two Buildings


Connecting two buildings without cables is possible. You may want to share information from one building to another and connecting two buildings makes sense.  Connecting your offices or your office to your house will reduce the cost of your overheads giving direct visible savings. Hardware, Software, IT maintenance, Internet connection costs, Insurance, Staff & staff training can be reduced. Purchasing additional hardware like servers, UPS, back up equipment and training staff when you already have these systems in place makes sense. The answer might be connecting your locations together which is not be possible by using cable for various reasons.


Cost saving time and money.

Connecting two buildings to allow you share information securely and at high speed can save you and your staff time and training. No need to use additional software to connect to a third party networks. No need to train staff into a job when you have someone doing this already. Connecting two buildings as if a cable has been run between them can be done using point to point links . You get quick, safe access to your network allowing network users login to your server. Giving your staff access to information, software and even share your internet connection in two locations. Connecting your locations reduces costs which can be substantial and only you will know the true savings .

Connecting two buildings has other benefits and security.

If you were to change your internet service provider you may have to make changes to your network or the router. If their network go down you could loose time and money. By connection your buildings you will still have access to your network and your files even if you have no internet connection. You might want to create redundancy using another server.  You can have a live backup server or mirror)server in another building. If your main server requires maintenance or shuts down due to a fault you can switch over to your back up server reducing your down time.

Security cameras generally connect to a recorder.  The recorder stores these recordings in the camera's digital recorder which are normally kept on site. Should your premises be broken into you may need these recordings as evidence. Keeping the recorder in the same building can be risky because if the burglar finds the recorder they can destroy or even take it. Connecting two buildings will allow you keep the recorder in another building and  you can view the cameras live, access your recordings and keep them safe.

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