Mobile Home

Mobile Home life is great. Weekends away, years of summer memories. Making friends for life and knowing where you can meet them in coming years. Your mobile home becomes your second home and you love it. Best nights are never planned and this can be seen in mobile home parks.

Mobile Home

"Passing a friends mobile when coming from the beach and before you know it a session. Your family or kids pass and come up on the deck for a chat. Or your wife stops in and has a coffee. Then the prosecco is out and the ladies are relaxing. Maybe more neighbors will call and the food is being organized.Every so often the kids are back to check up. Next thing you know it's midnight and the kids want chips."

Days Of OULD

People today have every luxury to hand in the modern mobile home. electricity, gas, central heating and even full bathrooms. Years ago having a mobile home was like camping. None of the luxury you have today. Water from a tap in the middle of the field. Toilet blocks you had to walk over to in the middle of the night. No tarmac just grass and that was even more fun. Neighbors were there and you could call on anyone to help. A parent and a child would play rounders and the whole park would be playing all afternoon. Everybody got involved and became great friends. It is a community that comes together for summer every year.

The great benefit about a mobile home is the ease of maintenance. General cleaning up, even when packing to go home is fast. Most work will involve cleaning the mobile home and deck exterior and this can be done once a year. The site fees are very reasonable. Some people complain that fees are high and yet they still return each year! You can use on the weekends and some parks are now open 11 months of the year. If you are thinking about getting a mobile home I would recommend it. I meet 80-year-olds I have known since childhood and they still go to the mobile for months, some weeks and others for a day. Why? because they loved it so much.

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