Separation Anxiety The Past Meaning.

Separation anxiety "provoked in a young child by separation or the threat of separation from its mother or main carer". This was the understood meaning in the past. WMD's was understood to mean Weapons of mass destruction. Yet in this ever changing world, things change. Today these two things have become connected.

What are WMD's?

People are suffering separation anxiety when their WMD's are removed from them. But that's funny if you look at the older context of this statement. People are suffering separation anxiety when their weapons of mass destruction are removed from them. However, this is not what is meant today. WMD's means Wireless Mobile Devices.

Separation anxiety when your phone locked in a house.

Separation anxiety - girl leaves her phone in her friend's house.

So What Does Separation Anxiety Mean Today?

  • How do you feel when you leave your mobile phone behind?
  • What happens when you break or lose you mobile phone?
  • Do you suffer separation anxiety?

Now the chances are that you do. Most people are dependent on their phones as they use them for everything. Their main connection to the world today. When the device is missing it feels like they lost their arm. How did we all survive years ago? How did we know what people were doing and where they were. Although we had no phones we planned ahead and organized our lives. Things were better and the pace of life was slower. Kids today can suffer both separation anxiety effects. they have grown up with these devices around them and are more dependent on devices.

Why The Way We Live Is A Contradiction.

Today we live in the moment yet we are far less relaxed. The amount of fitness and relaxation marketing out there is a measure of what people are looking for. People are looking for contentment in their lives, to relax. Meditation believes that we should relax and live in the moment. Yet the number of people using WMD's to find contentment in their lives is creating a contradiction.

Are we looking for the answer to the question in the wrong places? If we think about it the devices are there to serve and not for us to become dependent on them. Take time away from the phone and you will see. Rather than bringing out your phone on nights with friends. Leave the phone behind. In spite of what you think you can still be contacted. Family and friends can call the friend you are with or phone the restaurant or pub you are in if necessary.

A study carried out by which studied Separation from mobile phones read here.

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