Student WiFi at Your Apartment Building.

Student WiFi is needed because more courses are carried out through the internet. The most common way to access the internet today is using WiFi. Lecturers give students access to their subject material to over the internet. Most students, and their parents, when looking for accommodation look for internet access availability. This is a difficult time for students and parents alike. Student WiFi will make your property very attractive to prospective tenants.

How Student WiFi Works.

Each apartment, flat or dorm is installed with it's own router. Each router is configured with WiFi channels adjusted to improve network performance. Residents of each unit get access to their own student WiFi and can contact us directly should they experience any issues. This removes any requirement for you to get involved with the day to day Student WiFi.

The routers are terminated at managed switches, giving us full control to adjust and test the connectivity at any time.  The building is connected to one high-speed internet connection. We configure all the WiFi routers, managed switches, router, and Gateway and have online access to adjust settings when required. Air WiFi 24hour support service is available to our clients and their resident when required. Should any issue arise, we are notified by the person who is affected and any issue is resolved.


  • Provide a much required service to students.
  • Attract students to your property, making it easier to let.
  • Enable WiFi communication for laptops, tablets and smartphones.


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