WiFi Problems.

WiFi problems are common within our homes and work places. Poor or no WiFi signal in spots around the WiFi environments you inhabit daily. You may have from time to time done as most of us do today, take a mental note to deal with it some time. Searching on the internet to get the answer, you can be turned off by the volume of suggestions you find.

  • Change the channel number.
  • Move the router to a higher more central location within your building.
  • Put tin foil or a drink can to direct the "WiFi where you want IT".
  • Or away from your neighbors where you don't need it.
  • Get an extender, get a repeater, get this and that.
  • Get a better router, Which One.

"You" change settings on your router, now that's a scary place to go.

  • User name, password
  • What if I change the wrong setting.
  • Loose a day and get stressed out in the process.

The technical and logistical requirement can turn you off.

You are good at what you are good at, and if you can accept that you can accept your bad at what you are bad at! If you had something wrong with your car would you bite the bullet and sent it to the garage? You may get a call from the garage to say the repair will cost hundreds or maybe thousands. You need the car, you use it everyday so you get it sorted.

WiFi Problems Solved.

WiFi problems are a bit like your car but oWiFi Problemsnce fixed properly they can become a thing of the past. Black spots won't go away and may improve of worsen over time. We can fix your WiFi problems and make things a bit simpler for you. Guide you through you router settings or even connect and check them for you. Visit you property and assess your requirements. We can give you WiFi in every room, even in your garden and surrounding area. Domestic or commercial we can assess recommend and repair all your WiFi problems for good. Simply sent an email and we will get back to you to have a chat.


we could save you searching Google, you could click here for PC Mags 12 Tips to troubleshoot your internet connection. or here Pc World How to Fix Your Wi-Fi Network: 7 Tips or here Ten Fast Fixes for Wi-Fi Problems or you could search on Youtube.