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For urgent WiFi, Support click on the Red tab "Submit a Support Email" on the Right Hand Side of the screen. Most people simply click on the tab, if you haven't or are returning to read, thank you. The feedback form you completed will receive a unique ticket number. You will get an email from Air WiFi Support giving you this ticket number. If you are unable to access the WiFi Support website, please register. Click on the ticket number in the email we sent, this will bring you to the login page or To log into Air WiFi Support  (Click Here). If you have already registered you can log in using the link also. If you clicked on the tab on the right-hand side a pop-up appeared. When filling in the form give as much information as possible and submit. We will get back to you within minutes to resolve your issue

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SupportWhat happens next?

We receive your request, connect to your router and resolve the problem. If you have requested a password or a change in password this will be carried out within an hour. (usually within 5 to 10 minutes). Most issues can be resolved within a few minutes and we recommend you do not become the WiFi Ninja. Please do not touch the equipment with a view to repairing it. Chances are you will make it worse.

Managed Networks.

In most cases, people who remained without a connection for a long period of time had tampered with the equipment. This involves Air WiFi Support technicians to call out. Remember if you damage the equipment and this results in a call out you will be held responsible for the costs. Remember we can, and will connect and resolve most issues within a few minutes. a plan on how the problem will be addressed. Some issues may require monitoring and analysis. We are prepared to monitor issues to create a permanent resolution.

When Should You Contact Us?

Please notify us of any issue as we are here to check and ensure you remain connected 24/7. Unfortunately, we DO NOT support End User devices and would request that if other devices are gaining access to the network that you check your device settings. If no device has connection check with other neighbors to see if they are affected.

Only one person from the account/address should submit a ticket for each issue being experienced. Several tickets for the same issue may cause confusion, and result in slower response times.

Please note if you are accessing the Portal on devices with small screens. The "+" is to create a new ticket.  Larger screens will display "+ New" on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

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