Extend WiFi Coverage at your property.

More and more people are contacting us as the WiFi signal is poor around their house or office. There are many reasons for this and we can extend WiFi coverage for you. Moving service provider or changing your main router can change the WiFi coverage area in your building. Some materials used in your building can cause the signal to become weak or stop it getting to areas you need coverage. Materials that will affect your WiFi signal around your property include.

Structural Steel (RSJ),

Metal stud work,

Foil backed plasterboard etc.

Extend WiFi


WiFi Extenders.

There are plug and play products on the market that extend WiFi around your house. These devices can plug into an electrical socket and can be unsightly. Also when they lose power or you will have to reconfigure them again. This can be a daunting task as they are sold as plug and play they will most likely be simple to set up out of the box. Finally, when the extender has a problem so do you, simply because it is frustrating!

WiFi Network Security.

You wouldn't leave personal documents around for everyone to see, would you? If you have a home office and would like to separate it from your domestic network. This will keep private files which are for personal / business away from friends and visitors who connect to your WiFi.  We can set up a second network to protect this information and both networks would be accessible within the coverage area under different security credentials.  If you want to extend WiFi around your property, to a shed out back etc. this can be done also.

Air Wifi can extend WiFi signal around your property and give you additional wired points for other PC's, game consoles printers and more. We will assess your property work out the best location extend WiFi in the most aesthetic way as if we were never there.

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2 responses to “Extend WiFi Coverage At Your Home, Office or Anywhere.”

  1. Erick Villapando says:

    Good moring.

    I am Erick Villapando at the QCPU and I just want ask for your opinion regarding the easiest way to connect from building A to building B to building C since building A has already an iternet connection? Is it advisable to use wifi extenders of the business type of access point can do the job.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Erick
      If you want to connect three buildings, the first thing we need to know is.
      Does building A (the building with Internet connection) have direct line of sight to buildings B & C, If yes this is a point to multi-point link.
      If so, your setup will be one CPE, like the ENH500 on building A and one on both other buildings. You can use WDS Bridge mode on the CPE’s to create the connection.
      If building A can only see building B, and not see building C then you have to set up a CPE on Building A, two on building B and one on building C. These are, point to point links.

      Most manufacturers have a step by step setup, which might differ slightly depending on the model.
      5Ghz CPE’s are the best for this. Most CPE’s will have the ability to see other 5Ghz signals in the area so you can pick the less congested channel.

      These links work well, there is step by step instructions, datasheets and FAQ’s available on the manufacturer’s websites, so you can assess which product will suit you best.
      Youtube videos will also give you some insight before you make your decision.

      One important thing is to calculate the Fresnal Zone, as line of sight is not like a skinny lazer light. The signal balloons and this site link will assist you to calculate your CPE height requirements above objects along your path. https://www.everythingrf.com/rf-calculators/fresnel-zone-calculator. To calculate the distance between the buildings, use google maps ruler or line tool.

      If you need further assistance, just ask here.

      Thank you for your question.

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