Danger Free WiFi, use it at your own risk.

Danger Free WiFi available here! There are many dangers when using any network to connect the internet. To explain it from the first paragraph it is as simple as this. When you join a free wifi network you agree to terms and conditions, (If you are lucky). When you pay for WiFi as a service provided, you there is a service layer agreement within the contract you enter. The difference is that Free wifi you accept the danger and will have no recourse. Pay for use WiFi provided by a registered service provider must meet standards to supply the service.

Danger Free WiFi

The Dangers of free WiFi

Danger Free WiFi - No Password

There are several dangers associated with free wifi. If the location providing wifi wanted to attract you offering free wifi, they most likely did so to keep up with the trend. How much research, money, and consultation did they spend to protect you from danger? Most free wifi hotspots have open access with no requirement for passwords. The SSID or network name will be also an advertisement for the location or shop. When people visit and connect they may use if freely sending email, check social media etc.

  • But did you join the correct shop network?
  • Was there someone in the shop supplying you the wifi to get private information?
  • Did you use your credit card or access your bank account while connected?

When we have a problem on a network we would use software that will trace the data sent from, and received by a device. The software allows us to monitor the data and its transportation within the network. This data is digital data made up of zero's and one's. 0 = off and 1 = on. Capturing information sent over the Internet to servers by this software and decoding it is possible. Hackers can also use this software to monitor and capture information.

Danger Free WiFi - Password Required

If you have to get a password for the WiFi it may not make it any safer. How many other people accessed the wifi using the same password? How often is the password changed? most locations have passwords on the hotspot for their own security and/or to make you feel safer. The real question is do they have knowledge about security and have they any in place.

Danger Free WiFi - Register your Email.

Registering by email looks good and is professional. Let's have a closer look behind the scenes and ask some questions.

  • Has the location contracted out the service to a company?
  • Do this company sell off your email to the market for profit?
  • Would you give out this information to a stranger normally?
  • Have you provided information for the few kb of data you send and receive on a "FREE WIFI" service?
  • When you get the access will Youtube, Snapchat and other apps work on the networks you just joined?

There are many sources that confirm the risks and we would recommend that you educate yourself on the risks.

The most secure connection to any website is https. This means that the connection between your device and the banks, facebook etc. website is encripted. We recommend you check this always for security reasons.

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  • Some humor where people agreed to T&C's with the Herod Clause, giving away their first born. Click Here.

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