Leisure Parks.

Mobile Home, Caravan & Camping WiFi networks.


  • Attract new residents to your leisure parks.
  • Provide additional services with benefits to you & residents alike.
  • Free assessment for your leisure park.

WiFi and Leisure Parks.

People are using the internet every day on an hourly basis. When they visit their mobile home, go camping or touring to your leisure parks they leave WiFi enabled locations. Leaving their home's WiFi router which allow the whole family connect at will. Their office's which allow the resident to carry out their business needs, local

Leisure Parks

Leisure Park WiFi For Business, email, wages, etc.

Self-employed people in this day and age may have the flexibility to carry out their work from any location with a good connection. You may have noticed more and more that the whole family is in the park even during the working week. This may be because they can work from your leisure parks providing a connection is available. In most cases, the connection in the area is not designed to carry the number of people that these leisure parks attract as the infrastructure was set up for the local community's needs.

Why Leisure Park WiFi?

With a dedicated WiFi network connected to allow your leisure parks resident to connect with ease. No longer required to walk around to retain or even locate a half decent connection. The volume of devices that can connect to WiFi is greater than any other connection type. Laptops, phones even TV's available today all have built-in WiFi and that speaks for itself. Kids are seen walking around shopping centers and various places with I-pads, tablets, and phones. Some kids are so young and use these devices intuitively. Teenagers are communicating and playing on such devices thinking that a WiFi connection is JUST THERE.

These young people are the next generation who may become your future leisure parks resident. They expect these services in their day to day life and miss them when away from home. The demand is there and we are sure you know this, you can supply a service for your mobile home resident or if you have a transient tourist we can enable movement between parks also.

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