Welcome, Mobile Home Park Residents.

Park residents, wouldn’t it be nice to have the whole families devices connect like at home when at your mobile home? Would you like to have WiFi connect automatically and use your device like at home? Where the kids can have what they want and you too. We can install and manage this service in the park if your park owner contacts us.Park Residents

Some park residents might say that it is good to get away from the phone and the internet and that’s fine. Yet all they have to do is turn it off. Some park residents might say they don’t want the kids in because the internet is in the mobile and this is also true. You bring your kids to the mobile so they can meet their friends and go out and play. So you can turn off and relax. We fully agree and that’s why we install the WiFi in the park so you and the family can connect inside and outside.  We cover the park grounds which means that park residents can sit on the deck, go to your friends mobile. If there is a park shop you will get a signal there.

Work and manage your life without leaving the park.

Some residents have the ability to work from anywhere providing they have an internet connection. The next option can be to travel back to where they live or work and complete the tasks. This not only breaks their holiday, it can cost money. Today's life can be managed on your phone tablet or laptop. School books, uniforms banking and more are all accessible and are convenient.

Do IT Right

We do not connect to a standard local network provided for small businesses or homes. We connect to a commercial connection which gives the required speed for the park it is installed in. This gives park residents sufficient bandwidth for all park residents devices and this bandwidth can be decreased or increased if required. The only problem is, to install this connection we need to order it months in advance. We need to install the equipment before the park gets busy,  to install equipment of high quality which is mounted on poles around the park. We do not want to interfere with your holiday.

The Catch.

Most important we need to charge for this service. So if park residents are willing to pay for a good, safe and well-managed service to connect you to the internet in your park we can set it up. Simply let your park owner know.  The park owner can check with other park residents and then contact us.

If you have any questions we are here to answer them and help in any way we can. We would love if you would leave a Testimonial to show your interest and follow our social media channels.

It may be our dream and we can make it a reality for you.

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What about mobile broadband dongles?

You could try satellite, yet it is expensive for what you get.