Enterprise Connection

What is the Enterprise Connection? Unlike a fixed line (phone line) or Wireless connections available in rural locations, the enterprise connection does not share with anyone. It is a dedicated unlicensed or Comreg licensed frequency link as used by the telecom companies. The enterprise connection would be sufficient to feed holiday parks with the flexibility of increasing the speed if required. Air WiFi recommend Comreg licence links as […]

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Connection To Leisure Parks Are Insufficient.

Connection To Leisure Parks Are Insufficient.

Connection to Internet For Leisure Parks. This picture shows speed test on a rainy evening at Oatfields Leisure Park. The Internet connection is UP TO Eircom 24Mbps connection. The best speedtest recorded was 10.5Mbps. Speed test was taken from Eircom’s router, before any park resident connected. This kind of connection is shared by another 47 connected properties in the locality.  This displays the available speed to ALL […]

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Park WiFi For Mobile Home & Camping Parks.

Park WiFi by Air WiFi. Look what we found! Finding a signal in a mobile home park can be sometimes difficult. A bit like finding a plane on Google or Bing maps. Air WiFi is meticulous, not just in installing WiFi but in everything we do. Mobile Home Park WiFi is what we do and our goal is to do it well. Not only do people have to have an eye […]

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