Holiday Park WiFi.

Without Holiday Park WiFi, your sitting on the deck or camping on the site, drinking a coffee. You're watching the beginning of this beautiful day. Thinking about the days past and looking forward to the days ahead. You start to plan the day, you pick up your phone to check the weather and check out what's on today,


The Familiar Story

Thanks, No signal, an all familiar story, frustrating almost.  Do most, if not all members of your family,  complain that there is no Internet? Would it not be more convenient for you and your family to relax and stay longer. Even have the ability to work from your mobile home. Have you topped up credit for the kids yet the connection is poor? How much are you spending on a service that simply causes more frustration and complaints from the family?

WHY? in this day and age do we not have Holiday Park WiFi. It's 2018, WiFi is everywhere. How much more simpler would it be to get kids, especially teens, in the car to visit the mobile home. Knowing there will be no complaints from them, even on rainy days.

The Solution.

Obviously your family would benefit being connected to Holiday Park WiFi. Especially as you sit at the mobile home or walk around the park. You can certainly have Holiday Park WiFi if you want IT! If your park owner contacts Air WiFi and requests a survey. All you have to do is tell the owner that you would like to have WiFi at your Holiday Park. How much, the park would benefit from Holiday Park WiFi. That laptops, tablets, Kindles, and even school Ipads are unable to connect. That your weekends away are reducing,  as the children are unable to complete homework, or study. Letting the park owner know that you would like this service, so they can request a free survey an information based decision.

Park Owners can contact us for further information directly.

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