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Your testimonial or view could be a way of letting your park owner or other resident know that you would like a WiFi service at your park.

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Testimonial or expressions of your views can help bring about change. If you want something sometimes you have to speak up and others can then take what you want on board. Some people, while away from home need to access the internet for business and pleasure. This is becoming more common. How do you feel?

With poor connectivity in rural Ireland and the frustration of low signal on GSM networks in most coastal locations, you can feel a little disconnected from friends and family. Never mind business as more people have the opportunity to work away from the office and can operate their business from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even trying to to get a signal walking around the mobile home and park to simply talk to someone can be frustrating. Rainy days can be worse as if it was not bad enough. Simple tasks that you would normally use every day like online banking, paying bills, ordering schoolbooks, sending an email. Some people need to issue invoices which enable them to have a mobile home in the first place.

Air WiFi have seen a need for high-speed internet and WiFi access in holiday locations around Ireland. We appreciate feedback from everyone. Mobile park & facility owners, potential system users and the general public of how you feel the service is / would be, of benefit to you.

Type a testimonial, you are not signing up for us to send email or annoying messages, we will only contact you if you request it. So if you want fill in the testimonial and you never know, you might have a quality internet connection at your park soon.

Thank you.

Management and staff, Air WiFi.


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