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Finding a signal in a mobile home park can be sometimes difficult. A bit like finding a plane on Google or Bing maps. Air WiFi is meticulous, not just in installing WiFi but in everything we do. Mobile Home Park WiFi is what we do and our goal is to do it well. Not only do people have to have an eye for what they want. Sometimes it can be a great feeling when you can consider others in your goals. Click this link to visit our home page for further information.

We Currently Handle Up To 400 Devices In One Location.

One day while assessing a location in Galway city for a returning client we came across this plane. The client of Air WiFi owns multi-unit properties in both Galway and Dublin.  These properties cater for students in UCG and UCD.  Over 200 hundred students connecting several devices each.

Once we had carried out our assessment we strayed a bit as an Air WiFi follower had commented to us about their travels into the West. The family had traveled for the first time to Connemara, the Aran Islands. They stayed in Camp sites, each family member enjoyed the entire experience.

They found us as a result of looking for ways they could share their photos and other things with friends and families while traveling. Which would also inform people about the great locations they stayed in. They wanted to know how they could get Air WiFi. Where we had the park WiFi installed in the area.They missed the convenience of accessing the internet.

Park WiFi Is In Demand.

We have also received contact from parents of special needs relatives who were quite angry. They were unable to get a good internet connection in their park. One man explained that his child needed access as it kept her occupied on rainy days. Like most kids who find they are trapped in the mobile home on bad days.

All we can tell people is that the park WiFi system has to be installed by the owner of the park. We can simply recommend that the park resident brings Air WiFi to the park owners attention. This may give the park owner insight for the demand for park WiFi which may help their decision making.

Park Owners the benefits of installing Mobile Home Park WiFi, or Camp Site WiFi is, not only that your visitors have use of a must sought after service.  You enable them to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. They will share their experiences,  pictures, and details about your park, spreading the word for you among other benefits.

Park Owner we're here to help. Contact Us we could help you do a site and/or resident survey.

Residents please leave feedback by Clicking here.

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