Mobile Data Limit How To Set On Your Device.

When I first got a smartphone I got caught up in the freedom of being able to find anything at any-time. Searching websites, receiving and sending email, watching video and downloading files. When I got my bill I got all the horrible feelings us humans get when hit with something we didn't expect, at a time we don't need it! I quickly learned, after making a call to my provider that i could set the mobile broadband data limit on my phone.

Setting the mobile data limit on your device will help you keep your bills in check.

Firstly you will need to gather some information from your bill. Get your most resent bill and locate your billing cycle, write down the from date, e.g. the date the next bill will commence (first date displayed). To view help videos  to locate your service charge (monthly charge) cycle.

Vodafone's help video Click Here. This video indicates the cycle commences on the 15th April and ends on at 23:59:59 on the 14th May.

Three's Click Here. This video indicates the cycle commences on the 19th April and ends on at 23:59:59 on the 18th May.

For other providers or if you are unsure, please check with your provider if you are unsure.


  1. Go to Settings on your device.
  2. Select Data Usage.

    Mobile Data Limit

    Mobile Data Limit, Click on the image to enlarge.

  3. Tick the Set Mobile Data Limit box.
  4. Enter your billing cycle information that you gathered above.
  5. Using your finger set slide the Warning line to below your mobile phones plan's Mobile Data Limit.  (This Warning limit is to let you know when you are close to exceeding your limit.)
  6. Again using your finger set slide the Limit line to your mobile phones plan's Mobile Data Limit.
  7. Your done.

If you make the mistake and turn off data limit on your device ensure you reset it to the correct warning and limit caps. If you disable or use your sim card in another device the true data usage will not be displayed on your device.

Apple IOS.

With Apple's IOS Mobile Data Usage is not available in the IOS system. There are apps which you can download to help you keep and eye on your usage of Mobile Data and WiFi Data Usage. We list a few suggestions for your review to aid you in your Data Usage controls. Please read reviews and information on each app following the instructions for each app to choose the best one for you.

Click on the App name below to see a Youtube Video.

  1. Dataman.
  2. DataWiz.
  3. Data Monitor (there are several apps using this name, click as before to review video.

You can view your usage information, stop apps using data but you can not set a limit on your Iphone or Ipad without the use of an app. If you would like to search Google for "Set Cellular Data Limit On Apple IOS Click Here. We are sorry we couldn't be more helpful on this topic.

How enable WiFi data usage recording on your device.

Please note Apple apps listed above are the same as the apps listed on the WiFi data usage post.

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