Camping Park Services.

Camping ParkProviding additional services in your camping park attracts visitors and can help promote your camping park. Your dammed if you do and your dammed if you don't and services add more work on your shoulders. Good or bad comments made about your camping park have an effect. If a visitor has a good experience what are the chances of them leaving a good review! There is a higher chance that someone will leave a bad comment quicker than a good one. If the showers, laundry room or communal area in your camping park are left in a non acceptable state by the previous visitor you will hear about it. If the weather was poor for their stay or if they simply had family internal disputes during their visit they may want to lash out.

The book stops here!

One of the hardest businesses to be in is to be in a service industry. The proprietor of a camping park not only have to juggle each visitors expectations but they have to keep abreast of all visitors expectations. Sometimes we rush into providing a service simply because it is expected. We can also tend to go with the flow instead of leading the way. Over the past years things were tough for the camping park owners attracting visitors to their park was the priority . Visitors are looking for services that have only become available over the past ten years. Camping Park owners have been adapting with these changes and are learning new skills. In survival mode we as people tend to run before we crawl and doing so we can bite off more than we can chew.

WiFi has become a service visitors expect in your camping park. More and more parks are providing the service and are discovering that it can:

  • Take up some of their time to manage.
  • Cause problems meeting visitors expectations.
  • The internet connection supply chain simply isn't there.
  • The services provided by outside providers, which is not meeting park owners standards.
  • The service is reflecting their park in a bad light.

The simple fact is that WiFi is a relatively new service and the issues camping park owners will face are numerous. Air WiFi are here to help. Using knowledge we have gained from our experience and relationships built with world wide manufactures and WiFi business over the past four years.

We want to assistance park owners and we're here to help.


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