Caravan Park WiFi Outsourcing Your WiFi Needs.

You could outsource the Caravan Park WiFi service to a local provider.  Local rural providers service local domestichouses and small businesses. This type of connection would normally give between 10 to 32 devices internet access periodically. The connection may be a shared (multi point) connection using 5Ghz WiFi. Providers would usually service and support a single account holder and not the end user (your park resident). Large scale outdoor networks such as Caravan Park WiFi are completely different when it comes to internet demand.  Your Park resident will also need support, who will provide this? . A park with 100 pitches can have over four devices per pitch. Your Caravan Park WiFi network could have 100 to 400 devices connecting concurrently, passing through the same internet connection. Weather conditions can cause high volumes of users demanding access to the network at one time.  This creates high demand on the WiFi network and internet connection. If both are insufficient for your needs you will soon know. The result is residents contacting you to let you know there are problems.

Why Is The Internet Connection So Important?

Caravan Park 5Ghz Internet Connection


At home your Caravan Park resident will most likely have their own account with a service provider. They may live in a large city or town where internet connection speeds are far greater. The household members can connect many devices at one time as they have a sufficient broadband connection. This connection services one family and not hundreds of families and devices.

Click here to see average speeds available by locations around Ireland (select pages on bottom of web page if your location is not listed).

What are my options.

There are suitable internet connections available to feed a Caravan Park and a large WiFi network. These connections are Enterprise Connections which are expensive yet are dedicated to your Caravan Park. It is vital that you install the correct internet connection. Equally it is also important to install WiFi network equipment selected to you parks requirements (number of users). If this is not correctly calculated allowing a margin for increased demand, you may have to replace all equipment over a very short period of time. People pay for the services at home, in addition they also pay providers who offer services in hotels, public buildings, shops etc., providing the service meets their needs. In rural Ireland your resident would pay for access providing they receive a good connection and service. It is important that the provider you choose is geared towards providing the connection and services to back you, and your business up. This starts with the internet connection, WiFi equipment and then the support for the end user. We suggest branding the service under the providers business and suggest Caravan Park owners and services providers form a partnership. This would give the providers a direct responsibility and reduce the Caravan Park owner’s involvement in support and other issues.

Caravan Park WiFi Outsourcing

What do Caravan Park Owners Need to Find Out?

We would suggest you ask any provider important questions before you install your Caravan Park WiFi network.

Have they installed Caravan Park WiFi before?

What is the maximum connection speed they can achieve at your location?

Will the provider’s internet connection cope with the demand?

Is the internet connection shared or dedicated (1:1) to your park?

Will they offer end user (your resident) support for problems?

Number of connected devices they currently support in one location?

What is their response timescale for support issues?

Check standard broadband availability at your location (Click Here), we would recommend you ask the above questions and some of your own. 

To check out how an internet service provider is ranked (Click Here).

Air WiFi partner with parks, source required connections, install required WiFi equipment, offer support services to end users with a proven record. Contact Us for more free information and advice.

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