Searching For Internet WiFi and Broadband.

Internet, WiFi and Broadband searches are some of the main keywords typed into search engines today. We assessed one of Ireland's main caravan and camping website for keyword searches over the last few months. Searching Internet WiFi and broadband were commonly search in the site. With 3900 searches for Internet and 2900 for WiFi and 2900 for broadband. 9700 searches clearly indicates what people are looking for in locations they consider visiting. This displays that there is great demand for caravan and camping sites in Ireland to install internet connectivity. Tourism websites are attracting traffic and this is good for our economy and for any business that depends on tourism.

Internet WiFi and Broadband

Analytics Displays Demand.

When website owners use tools such as Google analytics to view the data, we can focus on what is important to us. How did people find the website, what pages did they visit, how long were they on the site and so on. There is more data under the hood so to speak and it can inform us what people truly want or need from our business.

Searches within your website tell you a story.

When we assessed the search terms internet WiFi and broadband within the website the volume of searches are high for connectivity keywords. People are looking for the website, they do want to travel within Ireland and are attracted to the website. When this site is searched site using the above keywords it indicates what is important to the tourist. Can locations fulfill their needs or provide the service they are clearly looking for and tick all the boxes.

The most important part of any business is to provide what the customer requires.

To attract customers to your business.

To keep customers happy with the service you give.

To give the customer what they are looking for.

If you do not have what the customer is looking for they simply move on or Bounce. Our advice to location owners who want to attract customers is simple.

We all know that electronic device ownership is growing.

We know that people want to be connected.

The demand is there and your potential customer is searching for internet WiFi and broadband.

The message is that people want to be able to connect their devices, let people know that they are on holidays. Post photos and comments about where they are staying.

It makes good business sense to provide your customer what they want. In turn you get free advertising, recurring and new business along with additional income once the internet service is good quality and reliable.

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