Mobile Broadband Dongles.

The gsm / smartphone networks and WiFi both work using line of sight and radio frequency which is prone to interference. When you have several WiFi radios within close proximity the interference causes poor WiFi connection. This is one problem with mobile broadband dongles around mobile home parks and caravan and camping parks. Today people want and need to have an internet connection. For work and pleasure, personally for all family members. The mobile broadband dongles available from mobile operators can be the connection of choice. There are several big factors to consider.

Mobile broadband Dongle

Mobile Broadband Coverage.

We recommend that you assess the gsm / data coverage before you buy. This can be done by tethering your smartphone to see how it works around for you. If the gsm / data signal is poor ask friends around you what network they are on? What their coverage is like for data? Find the best one and then trial a dongle for a weekend. We recommend a busy weekend as this will test it fully.


Any mobile broadband dongle within your range will transmit and receive interference. Interference from other devices transmitting WiFi in the location will interfere with yours. You could think of it like a radio. If you had 2 mobile homes with a radio turned on. Each mobile home having a different radio station on it would be confusing and frustrating. Standing at one mobile home's radio you can hear the program clearly. Then when you walk away and get closer to the other mobile home you get to hear the other radio. The close you get to the other radio the more you start to hear it. Your brain my even focus on and off from each radio. This is multiplied the more radios you are surrounded by. Your brain will find it hard to focus on one radio because of the interference. WiFi works the similarly and therefore if your broadband dongle is surrounded by other WiFi radios it will effect your connection.

The Operators Infrastructure.

An issue we cover in another post whereas the provider has setup a local mast in the location to cater for the customers. Generally they cater for a proportion of customers. They would anticipate diversity in the usage and the volume of users at any one time. But ask yourself, why would a provider set up for 5000 devices to connect when the location has a population of 1000. So when people holiday in the location it is busy. There may be insufficient connection to feed the demand and this is another reason why your connection can be effected.

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