Sammy The Seal Is Attracting People to The Fishmans.

Sammy the Seal

​Sammy the seal has been visiting a fish shop and restaurant in Wicklow town daily. The Fishman has a customer who is becoming a star and gets a free lunch. Seating and tables have been setup opposite their shop for their customers to see the seal. Visitors can relax, have a bottle of wine a bite to eat and look at Sammy. Visiting the shop you might see Wicklow's equivalent to Fungi the Dingle dolphin. Yet Sammy the seal  requires no boat trips. Visit Wicklow town at 09:00 13:00 or 16:00 and Sammy will most likely appear. The staff in the Fishman must be on alert. Sammy has been known to get up onto the road. He walks across the road to the Fishman if the staff don't come to him.

As the video and links below shows he swims around as the waiter serves his lunch. It also shows Sammy the seal has competition from seagulls who also gather to fly in and snatch Sammy snack. As you look at his face you can see he id full of character. See another video link below.

Our Experience With Sammy And How It Happened.

We were passing through Wicklow and noticed a lot of activity on the harbor wall. It was a fabulous day. Probably the hottest this year. People had gathered and a man was throwing fish into the water. We parked up and went to see what was going on. Adults and kids alike were standing looking at Sammy been fed. He was putting on a show for all to see. It's like Sammy knows, if he preforms he will be given food. If The Fishman staff do not feed him he will get out of the water and make his way to the shop. He has to cross the road to the shop and the staff must feel obliged to look after him so they go to him at the harbor wall.

Might Have Met Sammy Many Years Ago.

About 20 years ago I had a great experience with a friend while swimming. We were in the sea a distance apart from each other. I think we were throwing a ball to each other. A seal swam over to one of us and popped his head out of the water beside one of us. When we threw the ball, the seal would swim over to the person who it was thrown too. I will never forget it. I felt a little nervous and also very excited. So I would recommend if you are passing through Wicklow town, go to the harbor. I enjoyed seeing Sammy and the kids around me were all really excited.

Click here to view another video of Sammy.

Watch the Story Behind Sammy.

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