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Pay WiFi will give you a better experience than Free WiFi for many reasons.

  1. The provider has no hidden agenda.
  2. Your information is safe and not sold on.
  3. Your connection should be secure.
  4. If the service is poor you will not return.
  5. You have access to Support Services.

Pay WiFi and any paid for service means several things. Firstly by paying you have entered into a contract for the service. The service must be provided to a level which is generally regulated. You have terms and conditions which set out the level of service you should receive.

But Free WiFi Is Free, Or Is IT!

WiFi has been  used to attract people to a hotels, cafes, shops and many other locations. This is to draw you in and sell or provide another service. Yet the owners of these locations are seeing that the cost of providing the service may never have been considered. Today more and more places like hotels are starting to introduce Pay WiFi. The Pay WiFi will offer the end user faster connection and more data allowances. This makes the experience better for the end user and by using Pay WiFi the location have the funds to maintain the connection and hardware.

We all look for the best deal and some believe that if you get something free it means that. The alternative to Pay WiFi is Free WiFi which will have to be charged to you somewhere down the line. The standard of free services can be low as there is nothing to be gained by the provider so there is a lack of interest. With WiFi in locations the customer would spend more time at the location and therefore use more electricity using lights, kettle, TV amongst other things. This increases the outlay by the business and increases the price of the service. If a hotel includes Free WiFi it has to take the supply cost of the service into account when making up its charges for the hotel room.

We are not saying that Free WiFi shouldn't exist, we are saying that the option for a better service should. If you are content with giving your personal details to gain access to a "Free Service" that is fine. We are simply saying that businesses are there to make money. To make money you must first cover your overheads, and Free WiFi is an overhead.  An overhead that has to be managed, maintained and costs money to provide.

Free WiFi Can Cost Businesses.

If a shop or cafe attract you they may restrict the time you can access the free service. If a cafe lets all its customers buy a coffee and sit there availing of the Free WiFi for hours they will make no money. The Free WiFi will result in customers taking seats, making the cafe look full which may turn off other potential customers. We have found locations that have used WiFi to attract customers, yet the business owner has to turn off or restrict access as to prevent people gathering for a service that was to attract sales not groups of teenagers. Issuing access passwords to restrict access can tie up the staff and contributes to the overheads making Free WiFi a burden to the business owner.

Don't take our word for it, the information is out there. Search for yourself or Click Here or Click Here.

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